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    Scanner data using BroadcastReceiver (Xamarin Application)

    Soumya Nampoothiri

      I have a Xamarin Forms Application, which I would like to integrate with TC700H scanner.In my app, I listened to an Intent via BroadcastReceiver. I tried configuring my intentfilter  action as per document and changed profile Intent delivery to broadcast, but no success. Am i missing something here ?

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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Soumya,

          take a look at this sample application:

          pfmaggi/Xam_BarcodeForms - GitHub


          Is a Xamarin Forms application, using the Profile API to setup DataWedge to send a broadcast intent.


          In the application there's a ScanReceiver class that implement the broadcast receiver and that is registered using the code:


          // Register the broadcast receiver
          IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter(ScanReceiver.IntentAction);
          Android.App.Application.Context.RegisterReceiver(_broadcastReceiver, filter);


          The event handler uses the MessagingCenter to send the data to the Form so that it can display the data.


          In addition this app, uses a DependencyService to send a DataWedge intent (the interface is in the Portable library, I've implemented only the Android side).




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              Soumya Nampoothiri

              Dear Pietro,


              I get following deployment error with the project shared.


              Detecting installed packages


              Waiting for packaging to complete


              Installing application on device


              Deployment failed because of an internal error: Failure


              Deployment failed. Internal error.


              I will try to extract the logic and put in a different project. I have few questions with regards to it..



              1.       Does it has any dependency on EMDK plugin libraries?


              2.       If I want to listen only to the device h/w scan button, do I need to use EMDKResults ?







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