Android and MX Knowledge Center Opens

Hi, All.


It our goal at Zebra Knowledge Center to support you and the partners will all things about knowledge.

Thus, we have opened a number of "Knowledge Centers" on Launchpad, such as Android and MX Knowledge Center, All-Touch TE Knowledge Center, SimulScan Knowledge Center, etc. There will be more coming as we produce content, and the existing ones will be populated with new material.


There are currently open to employees and partners with a goal of you helping you answer some of the more frequent partner questions by simply giving them a link to a document on Launchpad. I hope that this will raise the overall level of our partners and reduce the number of same mundane questions you sure are getting


As I currently am responsible for Enterprise Software and OS learning, I will be mostly focusing on Android Knowledge Center that will cover the basic Android technical subjects from generic understanding of the OS Architecture and Ideology to the more practical aspects, tools such as EHS and StageNow, etc. For those of you who have been to my Android Workshops or AppForum talks - it will be that kind of material. Also, we also have lots of tutorial videos on our YT channel that will be linked to the Knowledge Centers soon.


You are very welcome to send your suggestions on what subjects you want covered: could be generic "understanding of XXX" topic of very specific like "Configuring feature XYZ of product/tool ABC"!


Check out the Android and MX Knowledge Center  here: Android and MX Knowledge Center and the others here: Zebra Knowledge Center