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    A question about printing symbols with ZPL

    Spiro Tech

      Hello all,


      I am having trouble printing out the ³ symbol. And I hope somebody can help me with it

      I have set up my ZPL code to try and print the ³(Small 3 for the m3/h symbol) and the °(degrees symbol) symbols.















      I have downloaded some Arial fonts to the printer and with that font everything prints out perfect. So the first part is good.

      But with 90% of our labels we print with the standard font the zebra printers print out with.

      We have the Zebra ZT420 that I am testing it on at the moment.


      I am pritty new to ZPL and I have seen that you can do a character swap but I have no idea how it works and if it works for me.

      PS. the degrees symbol also works with the standard font, only the small 3 doesn't work.


      I also can't find a decimal sign for the small 3 on the zebra manual. https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra/manuals/en-us/software/zpl-zbi2-pm-en.pdf page 1194.


      I hope any of you can help me!

      Thanks in advance.


      Kind regards,