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    Stage Now 2.2 Display Manager

    Christopher Sather

      The Disable and Enable Screen Shot feature does not work in Stage now  During Staging, it posts these message to the log.

      2014-07-04 19:41:29 Start of Barcode Staging

      2014-07-04 19:41:29 Barcode Staging Failed. Error: Charactristics/Param errors found in invoked CSPs. Details: DisplayMgr-invalid, Function is not supported.

      2014-07-04 19:41:29 End of Barcode Staging


      The device was upgraded to MX 5.0 with the built in upgrade kit in the StageNow App.  I uploaded the sample profile I used.



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          Robert Galvin



          This sounds like it may be an issue with how the XML was created by StageNow. I would suggest you file a support ticket and then update this thread upon resolution.


          You may also want to try the same thing in the EMDK 4.0 to rule out device/os issue.

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              Christopher Sather

              Hi Rob, the problem is that there is still OSX, MX, and BPS mismatches, and there is no way to tell that without trial and error and having a product developer reply back with the info.  I found out screenshot enable/disable is OSX 4.5.  the TC70 GA2 is OSX 4.4.  The StageNow client and MX5.0 upgrade kit in the StageNow 2.2 doesn't upgrade the OSX.


              Is there anyway to get a chart that would graph a feature map to a OSX, MX, and BSP level?