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    Rho GeoLocation JavaScript API on MC65/MC67 (Windows Mobile) not working

    Rubathas 2nlkfak986gvzodoerc6b2fgkbhc1ums,Thirumathyam



      I created a "clean" RMS Project where I want to execute the JavaScript APIs and NOT Ruby APIs, where I have modified the build.yml to include extensions "rho-javascript" and also enable "gps" in features. Furthermore, I setup the app.js with the dependant js-libs (jquery, json, angularjs, ionic, rho-libs) - and in the order I saw in a Rho documentation (I can try to find the page telling which order to load js-files, if needed). Nevertheless, I get errors when I try to obtain some of the Rho GeoLocation methods (e.g is_known(), longitude() and latitude()).


      The main errors I get are:

      "The file /app/RhoJavaScriptApi/command_handler was not found" and "JSON Parse Error"


      I have attached a screenshot of the rholog.txt. Furthermore, I have also added a screenshot of the source code of how we are trying to invoke the Rho GeoLocation APIs.


      We are using RMS v.5.3.2 and have also included the pre-APIs (you can see in the log which order they are loaded).


      Can anybody say why we do not receive the floats or why the call-back for the set_notification only is triggered once (but with no params - seems undefined).