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    Pushing StageNow Profile/Setting via Airwatch

    Alex Brown

      Is there a way to push StageNow profiles/setting via Airwatch?


      Our scenario: Airwatch has not yet added a setting as configurable via their Profile Manager but the setting is in StageNow and Mx.


      In this case trying to push disable the Airplane Toggle switch from the PowerKey Manager.


      Device/OS MC40 with KitKat.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <wap-provisioningdoc>   <!--SettingID=15-->   <characteristic version="4.3" type="PowerKeyMgr">     <parm name="AirPlaneMode" value="2" />   </characteristic> </wap-provisioningdoc>



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          Peter Arcuri

          AirWatch should have the ability to apply any of StageNow's settings through an MDM toolkit Zebra provided to them. This toolkit leverages the MX framework as StageNow does.


          While you could work with AirWatch to identify if this setting is available, an alternative would be to use Zebra EMDK for Android. This is a plugin SDK to Android Studio that expose APIs for device capabilities app integration as well as something called Profile Manger. With profile manager plugin you can package any one or multiple device settings that are currently offered in StageNow. You would then take the package and deploy it through AirWatch as a regular apk file.


          this would require setting up a developer's environment in order to leverage EMDK. For more info on EMDK for Android go to EMDK Archive


          Hope this helps.