Using EB API on MC9090-G WM6.1

Hi guys, I'm relatively new to this world, but I've been making good progress and have only come up with a few questions so far.


Simple Question: Can I use the JS API with EB 1.4 (IE) on my MC9090-G running WM6.1?



I have a MC9090-G device 'upgraded'  to Windows Mobile 6.1. I've installed Enterprise Browser 1.4 for IE. I previously had an App working using PocketBrowser, but once the device was upgraded to WM6.1, I wanted to use the latest EB so I'd be as close as possible to what our new hardware (MC2100, MC3200, etc...) will run. The App still seems to work as-is, but I wanted to use the newer JS API methods instead of the deprecated Meta-Tag method. The docs don't seem to be clear on whether or not you can use the JS API on my WM6.1 device. So far it isn't working...


Thanks for your help.