DS3508 scanner with WebKit Enterprise Browser barcode API on VC70N0 with USB cable



I have a VC70N0 with the WebKit Enterprise Browser installed. Attached to that I have a DS3508 scanner, connected by a USB cable.


I would like to know how to configure the scanner, the computer and/or the Enterprise Browser so that the scanner works via the Enterprise Browser barcode API in ebapi-modules.js.


The scanner does work currently, but is acting as a keyboard (attempts to control it via the barcode API have no effect, and I don't receive the data from the scanner via the Javascript function).


The scanner has several USB "device types" listed in the manual, including the default "HID Keyboard Emulation", "Simple COM Port Emulation" , "Symbol Native API", and others. When I attempt to use the Samples application on the VC70N0 to test the scanner (using the External SSI option), it fails with a "Failed to initialize the scanner 0xa000000b" error. Enabling DataWedge results in the status "Idle (Input disabled/disconnected)" instead of the expected "Ready (Ready to capture)" status. When I use the CtlPanel application and try to interrogate the scanner, I get a "Cannot enable scanner" error.


Based on the above, it seems to me the problem is probably with the configuration of the scanner or computer (or possibly the wrong type of cable?) rather than Enterprise Browser, but I can't determine where the problem is exactly and what configuration Enterprise Browser requires for this to work. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great. I've asked our contact at Zebra and they have advised asking LaunchPad.


Note that I also have a MC92N0 with a similar kind of built-in scanner, and this unit is working fine with the WebKit Enterprise Browser barcode API (in both the barcode API test application and my own application).