Zebra 105SL - Networking and Serial Printing Possible on same printer

We have a Zebra 105SL printer connected to our network and it's printing fine.  This printer is used for testing purposes and I need to print using the serial port.  Can the same printer be used to print via the serial port and the network at the same time?  Or, do we need to disable the network option to print using the serial port?





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Hi Randy,You can be connected

Hi Randy,

You can be connected to Serial and Network at the same time without any issues.  However, you cannot start a label format on one connection and finish it on another.  When a printer starts to receive a print format it will not process but buffer data coming in on other ports until the end of the print format is received.  It will process buffered data in FIFO order.  Many of our newer printers offer a status channel or port for developers to get status while printing but the 105SL does not.

Hope this helps,

Robin West

Solution Architect

Zebra Technologies ISV

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