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    Soft trigger with Ring scanner (RS507)

    Nicolas Etienne



      Under Android with Xamarin, I'm able to connect to my RS507 ring scanner.


      when I use the trigger of the RS, I correctly receive the data (BluetoothSocket is used, works fine).


      My question will be quite simple :


      How can I, from my application enable and start the scan ? In other word, how can I make the RS scan a barcode by pressing My application button

      instead of the physical trigger on it ?





      Nicolas, Toulouse, France

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          Billie Hecox

          Hello Nicolas,  The Barcode sample included in the EMDK Componet can be used as an example of how to accomplish "soft scan" with an attached RS507.   Follow the guide here to setup the sample.


          Once the sample is loaded, choose bluetooth scanner from the Select Scanner spinner, change the Select Trigger spinner to Soft, and press the Start button.


          The RS507 should now have the Red crosshairs illuminated and ready to scan.

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              Nicolas Etienne

              Thanks bill


              I've seen this sample but It's only for Motorola devices...


              I was looking for something more generic and I've found it


              Now, by using SSI protocol, I'm able to pair the device with the RS and also able to scan by using software activation or by still using the

              trigger of the RS... which means that the user can either use the RS on his fingers or use it with a stick to reach barcode which could be out of reach

              (in a warehouse with 2 levels for instance)