SB1 and PouchDB

Hi Zebra Launchpad's members,


I wanted to have a try of PouchDB, the JavaScript Database that Syncs! on the Smart Badge SB1.

Unfortunately it seems it is not supported by the embedded browser of SB1.

The JavaScript code below in a HTML page


var db = new PouchDB('inventory');


generates the following lines in SB1's Log.txt file., line 8: TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'Mr[t].bind(Mr)')

0 2015-12-10 18:56:46

ERROR: Engine e: PouchDB, line 14: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: PouchDB


No such problem on Zebra Android or Windows CE devices with Enterprise Browser.


That would be great if the next firmware make support of PouchDB possible on SB1.



Khai-Van PHU