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    How to Disable Kiosk mode in Android

    Lahiru Amarathung

      I enabled Kiosk mode in Android and I forgot to add USB debugging on. now When I press EHS , it only shows me calculator app and it doesn't show the setting app as well in normal mode.  I need know 3 things

      1. How to disable Kiosk mode ?

      2. How to add another app to Kiosk mode instead of  Calculator app ?

      3.How to add setting app to normal mode

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          Marco Brugmans

          Hello Lahiru,


          I had the same problem a little while ago.


          You can disable the kiosk mode by pulling the enterprisehomescreen.xml file from the device to a PC.

          This file contains information about the settings in EHS, for example kiosk mode and what app to use for it.


          you can find the file in the /enterprise/usr/ directory. But pay attention: The folder is invisible at first. You need to type in the adres bar /enterprise/usr/. the copy to the root of /sdcard/ and copy it to pc. When you finished editing it on notepad++ for example, copy it back to the enterprise/usr directory.