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    How to use SSL / HTTPS with Rho::Network.get

    Nicolas Hinze

      I'm trying to update the following code to use HTTPS instead of HTTP:


          getProps = Hash.new

          getProps['url'] = update_url

          getProps['verifyPeerCertificate'] = false 

          getProps['headers'] = {"Content-Type" => "application/json"}

          Rho::Network.get(getProps, url_for(:action => :httpget_callback))


      This works fine and returns the following if my update_url is http:


      However, if I use https for the update_url, I get the following in the return @params:


      {"rho_callback":"1","body":"","error_code":"1","status":"error","headers":{"Content-Type":"application\/json","User-Agent":"Mozilla-5.0 (; RhoSimulator; RhoSimulator v5.4.0)"}}


      Am I missing some 'require' or 'extensions'? I can't find anything in the docs about it.