Is it possible to "mask" or skip characters in multiple locations of a barcode?

Does 123 Scan Configuration Utility have the capability to hide hyphens and drop one character?  For example we are scanning a barcode which has data in this format: UFR8-0071-465U

The database that we are scanning into will accept the code above if the first hyphen is removed and the U is removed.  The database entry post scan should look like this: UFR80071-465


My first attempt was:

  1. Scan all symbologies (I don't know the barcode type)
  2. Scan 14 characters
  3. Locate 5th Character and replace.


I couldn't get past that.  I returned unwanted results.  My next thought was to try the skip feature but I have not been able to master that either.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.