MPSDK for Xamarin


Hi everyone,
The MPSDK includes a variety of platforms for interaction with Zebra Printers, but it doesn't include a DLL for linking it with Xamarin.Android.
I have tried with the Linking Library procedure, described in Xamarin website, but it looks like it is not that simple. Apparently, some actions need to be taken from the Zebra JAR side.
I am guessing this is a really common situation, since Xamarin community has grown enourmously, and Zebra printers are everywhere!
Is there any advance on a SDK for Xamarin? (Btw, I am trying to connect to an iMZ320)
Best regards,

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Hi Mauricio,
Thank you for reaching out to us directly.  For anyone else who may be interested, we are currently working on a SDK for Xamarin.  If you are interested in being involved in the Beta, click the "Sign up for Beta releases" link on our printer pages.