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    Debugging on MC67 via WiFi

    Ray OBrien

      I have an old application ported from MC75 to MC67 running Windows Mobile 6.5.

      I need to debug via WiFi as the application will be using the USB connection.


      I have downloaded the armv4 versions of ConmanClient2.exe and related files required by Microsoft to the Windows folder on MC67 so that I can make a debug connection with Visual Studio 8.

      But when I navigate to the file in File explorer on the MC67 and click it the file does not run.

      Absolutely nothing happens, no error message etc.


      I have used this technique with other handheld devices before.

      Is there a registry setting or something similar locking down these exe files on MC67?

      I tried the same on the MC75 and it also failed to run the exe file.


      Any ideas?