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    TC70 Scan Decode Beep (EB 1.3/1.4)

    John Sidwell

      Is there a way to configure the scan decode beep on the TC70 with the latest version of Enterprise Browser? A previous discussion mentioned that it would be fixed in 1.3, but the release notes for the 1.4 release still list that the meta tags/JS interface for changing the scan sound settings are still non-functional on the TC70. [This is using the native EB support for the barcode scanner and not using DataWedge.]

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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi John,

          Barcode API has a "DecodeSound" property that should do exactly what you need... but is not supported on Android...


          I had a partner doing something similar on TC55 and MC40. If I remember correctly, they set the "decodeVolume" property to '0' and then used the mediaPlayer API to play the wav file they wanted in the barcode callback.


          It's a workaround, but it works if you can live with a bit of additional latency.




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            Edward Correia

            Hi John-


            According to the EB dev team, there were two issues regarding barcode scanning sounds:


            1. The default beep sound upon scanning with TC70 (GA1) devices was not working when invoked with 2.2 APIs. This was fixed in EB 1.3 (and higher).


            2. Customizing the sound upon scanning (i.e. decodeVolume, decodeFrequency, decodeDuration) does NOT work on KitKat devices because of a limitation in the common API in EMDK.


            Please let us know if and how you might have worked around the issue.