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    Enterprise Browser and recognising network connectivity is back

    Jon Spano

      I have a web page that runs in Enterprise Browser (1.4.0) on a MK3100.


      The page makes a jquery ajax call to submit a scanned barcode.

      If connectivity goes away, the ajax call times out and the error is handled.

      If, while there is still no connectivity, another barcode is scanned and another call is made, the ajax call

      returns immediately with the same error as the first call, just no time delay.

      If network connectivity is now restored, the ajax call continues to receive the same

      error and to return immediately.  Shutting down the Enteprise Browser and

      restarting it does not help.   Only a cold boot restores functioning.


      However, if only one failing ajax call is made, and then connectivity is restored before

      making the second call then everything is fine.


      So, my question is, what can I do from the javascript, to reset whatever is stuck?

      I don't want our users to have to power cycle their scanners after their network bounces.