Zebra® ZXP Series 7


I need your advice. I going to implement two your printers to our system.

It is necessary conserve a few continuity in system, that is why I have to use C or C++ language.

ZXP series 3 via USB is no problem. I use  ZBRPrinter.dll and ZXP Series 3 SDK Reference Manual as guide is enough.

Please send me link, or advice what I have to use for ZXP Series 7. Requirement is C or C++ language

Platform is Windows 32



Gregory Pawlik
Hi Ondrej,Here is a link to a

Hi Ondrej,

Here is a link to a Zebra Knowledgebase article that describes how to get started with developing for the ZXP Series 7 with C++.

Zebra Technologies - Printing and Magnetic Encoding – Zebra Card SDK for ZXP Series 7 and Series 8 Printers – C++



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