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    Android roadmap

    Gord Keenan

      Does anyone have information on the Android roadmap at Zebra?

      1. Do we know when we'll have something past KK for the AT&T TC55?  Lollipop, Marshmallow..

      2. Do we know when we'll have something past JB for the MC67?

      3. In both cases, when an upgrade to the OS does arrive, can we assume it will be available for older devices?  If I have an MC67 running JB today is there a reasonable expectation that one day it might be running Marshmallow?  Same question for TC55.


      Bonus question!  : )  Any information on when there might be a TC55 for Verizon voice and data running on 4G and with what OS?


      Thanks for any help.



        • Re: Android roadmap
          Edward Correia

          Hello Gord-


          Thanks for your interest in Zebra's roadmap for Android devices.  We're always working on support for new Android editions and we regularly update partners with direct communications in that regard.


          If you're a partner, please seek this information from the rep in your area and make them aware of your needs. If you're not a partner, I'd urge you to become one and take advantage of the many benefits!


          For more information, please visit the Zebra Channel Partner site.  



          Eddie Correia

          Zebra Technologies