Hardware keyboard detection on MC92


I'm having a problem with detecting hardware keyboard on device Motorola (Symbol) MC92N0 (MC92 platform).


All information about keyboard I'm getting from Android class Configuration - fields keyboard, keyboardHidden and hardKeyboardHidden. The value of keyboard field describes the kind of keyboard attached to the device and is set to KEYBOARD_NOKEYS constant (meaning the device has no hardware keys for text input).


Is there any way how to detect presence of the hardware keyboard? Because the hardware keyboard is not exactly "qwerty" but goes from A to Z row by row, is that the reason that the field keyboard is set to KEYBOARD_NOKEYS? The keyboard itself works as usual.


I am getting following values of fields related to keyboard:


keyboardHidden -> KEYBOARDHIDDEN_NO



I am getting the same values on Samsung Galaxy S4 (only software keyboard).


The device is running Android 4.4.4.

Keyboard item in Settings/About device/Hardware config/Keyboard says "53-keys".



Best regards,

Tomas Krasny