EMDK Plugin Wizard Error after Install on Mac

Hi --


I've followed all the instructions from here:  EMDK For Android Setup on Mac (Android Studio) - Zebra Technologies Online Documentation on configuring the emdk 4.0 with the latest version of Android Studio (1.5.1 Build 141.2456560).


Everything seems to work ok until after the step "Integrate the EMDK Wizard plug-in into Android Studio" -- Once I follow those steps and copy the folder into the plugins directory, the next time Android Studio starts, I get an Internal IDE Error and the Event Log shows the following:



EmptyThrowable:  Null child action in group Main menu () of class class com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.DefaultActionGroup, id=com.symbol.emdk.wizard.intellijIdea.plugin.action




PluginException:  cannot create class "EMDKWizardActionClass" [Plugin: com.symbol.emdk.wizard]


Additionally, although an EMDK option appears in the menu bar, it is empty when clicked.


Can anyone tell me what may be happening here -- I've followed the instructions to the letter more than one time, but it's very consistently throwing the error.


Thanks in advance!