MC3200 with Embedded Compact 7 - network comms question

We previously used MC3190 units (CE-6), programmed in C# and we used the Windows Mobile Device Center (MDC) in anonymous mode to allow our batch-mode devices to connect to a host PC's USB and obtain a network connection through it, without any software on the PC except the

MDC. Since this is Microsoft-supplied, it was acceptable to clients.

Now MDC is not supported under Windows 7 onwards.


What is the recommended/support mechanism for us to perform this kind of connection using Embedded Compact 7 under new Windows versions, please?


Once established, we use that network connection for our handheld code to read/write directly to our SQL Server database, avoiding file transfers, storage on the host PC, etc. So any solution providing that kind of access would be great if anyone can help, please.


Thanks for any help,