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    Geolocation API problem on Android

    leo fake

      Hi everyone,


      We are a twelve-student team working on a Rhomobile suite project that uses the Geolocation API (the Ajax asynchronous one).

      We have already compiled it for iOs with a Mac and converted the project to XCode (rake build:iphone:setup_xcode_project). On this device, the geolocation is working perfectly.

      The problem is that it doesn't work at all on an Android mobile-phone with the same parameters...

      We added the capabilities to the build.yml (-gps), added the mapping: yes to the same file, enabled the Geolocation on the phone but the app never asked to used the geolocation! Even if we have a message while installing the app preventing that the app will use these features.


      It's actually in debug mode. We tried it on several versions of Android. We tried compiling the app with Android SDK API 19 and API 22. We use the NDK 9 (as recommanded on the documentation).


      We don't know what to add/change in order to make it work for Android...


      Thank you in advance for your help


      The team