Microsoft access to manage labels printing with a text file HC-100 wristband printer

I am using Microsoft Access to manage labels, I designed a label using Zebra designer 2 that would satisfy our requirements. I followed instructions on how to print the label to a file. I named that file ZebraPrinterOutput.txt as suggested in your documentation. I have now a code that shows me the ^XA... code, however, if I put back the HC100 back to its original port (USB0001) and I tried to send the newly created text file to the printer, it prints 20 pages (wrist band), I can't paste the file because it is too big here, but if you call me, we can fix that...

It seems odd to me, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much


Gregory Pawlik
Hi Claude,Check your ^XA code

Hi Claude,

Check your ^XA code for a ^PW20 command.

^PW is the print quantity command that tells the printer how many copies of the wristband to print.

If you do have the command and just want to print one copy of the wristband, simply delete the ^PW command or set the quantity parameter to 1.


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