About Performance and Printing PDF



We are developing Software( WPF, .net), which has some label print functions. We use different zebra label printers (For example s400 or LP 2844). Current we use standard windows driver. The most data we become from other services in PDF format. It takes up to 6 seconds to print a label on some devices.  We tried to upload Fonts, we use, in to Printer, but printer performance doesn’t changed. Is there some way to increase performance printing PDFs? Is there some ways to translate PDF files to you mark-up language (ZPLII and EPS)? 


The second Question I have is about printing from web.  We develop some web pages with Label printing functions. For those pages we use java applet. But the java applets supports will be discontinued in the modern browsers. Is there some way to print label in the future from web page Build with ASP.Net?


Here i red about linkos on newer Zebra printers. There is some extention to print PDF on your printer. I would like to ask about the performance of this solution and which pritners this support.