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    Windows Embedded Compact 7 - connect USB as storage device? (urgent request)

    Keith Fearnley

      Hi, sorry for this dual post, but I need a quick answer (end of today!).

      If I connect a Windows Embedded Compact 7 device (MC3200) to a Windows 7 (or later) PC that does NOT have Mobile Device Center installed, does it (or can it) present its storage as a normal USB device, e.g. mounted as a new drive letter similarly to an Android device or USB stick, etc?

      I have a worry that CE/Embedded Compact doesn't do this, but I need it to (partly since MDC on Windows 7 is not supported by Microsoft, so need another, secure, way to connect an MC3200).


      How do folks generally talk to their Embedded Compact devices?


      Thanks for any help,