"Flash: Toshiba: sticker

Hi there,

I've got one WT with "Flash: Toshiba" sticker. Is it for good or not and can this unit go to the beta customer (I have the units without the sticker as well)?



David Singer
Valery and everyone else,I

Valery and everyone else,

I thought I removed those stickers... guess I missed one or two.

Devices are being made with both Toshiba and Micron Flash Memory.

For the purposes of Beta, it should not be an issue, so please give any of the devices out to the Beta sites.

There are instances where the Micron devices will show 5.83 GB of storage (if you run a reset and it reformats the drive) when the other devices show either 2.29.  For Beta, this too does not affect anything. This will be resolved in DV builds and of course Rev A HW too.  The real devices (at Rev A) will all show 2.29 or something close to that.

Any other questions, please let me know.

Thank you.

David Singer

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