How to start??? II


I wasn't able to figure out how to reply to my original post, so I'll start a new one. I now have a printer, ink, labels, ZebraDesigner, etc. So I'm trying to follow the outline from this post; Printing from Websites part 2
Ms West says to "Then take a label design tool like Zebra Designer to create a reusable document format.:
I've searched through the help in the ZebraDesigner and it's PDF documentation. I find nothing about a "reusable document format." How do I create one of these?
This is what I mean about there not being any simple walk through about how to print directly to a printer with ZPL. Ms West give a great over view, but it's at 10,000 feet. It would be great to give developers a 100 foot level explanation.
So how do I create this "reusable document format" using ZebraDesigner?