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    How to start??? II

    Bernie Hunt

      I wasn't able to figure out how to reply to my original post, so I'll start a new one. I now have a printer, ink, labels, ZebraDesigner, etc. So I'm trying to follow the outline from this post; Printing from Websites part 2


      Ms West says to "Then take a label design tool like Zebra Designer to create a reusable document format.:


      I've searched through the help in the ZebraDesigner and it's PDF documentation. I find nothing about a "reusable document format." How do I create one of these?


      This is what I mean about there not being any simple walk through about how to print directly to a printer with ZPL. Ms West give a great over view, but it's at 10,000 feet. It would be great to give developers a 100 foot level explanation.


      So how do I create this "reusable document format" using ZebraDesigner?



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          Gregory Pawlik

          Hi Bernie,


          In the previous post, reusable document format just means a label format that you’ve designed that you can reuse again with different data.

          You can design a label format that has fixed positions for barcode and text, but the actual information of the barcode and text can be variable.


          For instance, you can follow the video tutorial on “Creating a barcode with fixed data” located in the SOFTWARE TUTORIALS tab of the following web page:


          It also contains plenty of other video tutorials on the features of Zebra designer.


          After creating your label, go to File->Print and check print to File.


          You’ll get the corresponding Zebra code.


          The code will specify the value for the barcode, which in this case is 123456 in the tutorial.


          Then when you need the same label format with the barcode again, but a different value for the barcode, you can just edit the 123456 value to whatever your desired value needs to be.



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              Bernie Hunt

              I'm created a test file and saved the print out. Am I correct that this is ZPL?


              If so, then I just need to open a socket connection to the printer's IP address and send this code with modifications to the printer?



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                  Gregory Pawlik



                  You should've gotten a .prn file containing ZPL.


                  The ZPL would look something like:















                  You can then open a web socket and send the ^XA.....^XZ portion of the ZPL to print your label.