DEX UCS with MC45

Hi everyone. I'm developing an application for MC45 using DEX cable to connect to MEI CashFlow 8500 and to download EVA/DTS account information. The application is developed using .NET CF 3.5. The fact is that the reference implementation for DEX/UCS is in C++ for Borland C++ (yes, 16-bit exe for MS-DOS...). I've ported the code to C#, following EVA/DTS specification docs, and I'm getting some problems. In order to boost development I've developed a windows app that uses my DEX DLL (I've implemented it as a DLL) and using the MC45 DEX Cable connected to a USB on my laptop (via an microUSB to USB adapter and a Virtual COM port USB driver) the DLL works perfectly and I can connect with the coin manager (CF 8500) and download account information in EVA/DTS format. In the MC45 everything works fine until the coin manager starts to repeat the last data block. I've checked port capabilities and both (Windows and Windows Mobile) are equal (or pretty much similar).


Has anyone experience with this? The most anoying thing is that DEX/UCS has a very much spreaded use for the last 2 decades, but no one has a library nor sample code in C# or Java.


Thanks in advance for any answer.