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    Continuous Scan on MC32

    Julie Bardaji



      I'm trying to implement the continous scan on a MC32 device on Android.


      I read the barcode sample, try it, but the barcode sample is not using the API continuousScan parameter.


      This is my code :


      ScannerConfig sc = this.scanner.getConfig();


      //Log.d("JBA", " beamTimer : " + String.valueOf(sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.beamTimer));
      if (sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific != null) {

        sc.decoderParams.code11.enabled = true;

        sc.decoderParams.code39.enabled = true;

        sc.decoderParams.code128.enabled = true;

        sc.decoderParams.upca.enabled = true;

        sc.decoderParams.ean8.enabled = true;

        sc.decoderParams.ean13.enabled = true;

        sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.beamTimer = 3000;

        sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.pickList = ScannerConfig.PickList.ENABLED;

        sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.continuousRead.isContinuousScan = true;

        sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.continuousRead.sameSymbolTimeout = 1000;

        sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.continuousRead.differentSymbolTimeout = 0;





      The problem is that looking at the this.scanner.getConfig() object after the setConfig line, the object has not been set with the values on sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.continuousRead lines.

      And when I look to the sc.isParamSupported("sc.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.continuousRead.isContinuousScan") and two others parameters, the value is FALSE.


      So what went wrong ? Am i forgetting to set something so the parameters are "Supported" again ?


      Thank you for your reply,