How to install EnterpriseBrowser v1.4 on VC5090 with Windows CE 5.0?


When trying to install EnterpriseBrowser v1.4 on VC5090 Windows CE 5.0 I receive an error message stating that EnterpriseBrowser.exe was not correctly copied.



The install is continuing after that I click on OK and once installed, I cannot launch the browser:



Cannot find 'EnterpriseBrowser' (or one of its components). etc.


I am trying to install EnterpriseBrowser into the Application folder.

2 Installation methods were ending with same result: installing from the Runtime copied on the device itself / installing from the installation tool from my computer with the device connected to it (USB).


In the page below, the device seems compatible with this version:


Thank you.



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Hi JM,The VC5090 will only

Hi JM,

The VC5090 will only cope with running the IE (Internet Explorer) engine.  To install into the Application folder run the Enterprise Browser desktop installer and select "Enterprise Browser - IE (Persistent)" under the 'Windows CE' options.

Once the .cab file is deployed and installed you should see an Enterprise Browser folder structure somewhere under \Application.

To complete installation, you'll need to cold boot the device.  Given the error message you describe I suspect that's the missing step.  You can find instructions to cold boot in the device integration guide from (​ )

Whilst Enterprise Browser will work in the technical sense I would advise against using it for developing new applications on the device.  Exactly which APIs are and aren't supported with the IE engine isn't explicitly documented, the primary design here is to support older applications written for PocketBrowser

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