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    MC40/Android System Permissions?

    Matt Laser

      While I've seen several people on these forums mention that rooting isn't recommended (and in fact it's infeasible for my use case), I am wondering if there are ways to use "system" permissions in our applications. For instance, I'd like to be able to silently install packages, or even reboot the device. These are permissions available to System apps.


      While I've had no luck, we do use Airwatch to manage our devices, and those applications (one way or another) DO manage to do things like silently install applications. Airwatch also kills non-whitelisted apps as well (unless that's using the MC40's built in whitelisting?). I'm wondering how this is being accomplished. Is there a way my application could do similar things?


      While I understand the principles behind the application sandboxes and permissions, I can't understand why rugged, enterprise devices are constrained by the same bounds as consumer devices from Zebra's perspective.