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    Desktop emulator for MC9060-G

    Scott Bendure



      Does anyone know if this emulator is available - it originally came with the SMDK for the PDT9000  - pretty old right?    Based on info from:


      MC9000-G for Embedded Windows® CE .NET

      Product Reference Guide


      Revision A

      March 2006



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          Daniel Silva

          We did have an emulator in the early SMDK,  but it was not really a very realistic way to test your app.  You would find that when you got to a real device,  the timing was different and things like that, so we dropped it.  You really need to have a real device to do your development.  You can debug on the real device through activesync with Visual Studio.

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              Scott Bendure

              Hi Dan,


              Thanks for the info.  Defiantly do most development and debugging on a real device - guess what I was looking for is the emulation skins that are closer to the device for demo purposes.  I see where Microsoft Dev has some examples of skins and how to create your own.  Just wondered if someone already went through the pain to so for the MC9xxx.


              Thanks again!


              Emulator Skin Samples (Windows CE 5.0)


              Windows CE 5.0


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              There are sample Emulator skin files that you can use with the Emulator. To browse the samples, under the top-level Platman directory for Platform Manager, navigate to Sdk\Wce500\Samples\Emulator_skins.

              Note   The default path for the top-level Platform Manager directory is <Drive:>\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows CE Tools\Platman.

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