Need help ... I can't read or write a Gen2 Tag on my ZT410 even if calibration went OK ??!!


I am kind a beginner here and i need ur precious Help ... because i have a bit of a problem !!! I can't read a tag, neither write with my zebra ZT410 .

I proceeded first with a Media calibration as i have 4"x6" Label ... it went well ... and because the Ribbon havent arrived yet I sort of configured the printer with Direct Thermal configĀ  ... for not having the Ribbon error warning.

After that, i did an RFID Calibration ... which btw take a lot of time ... and that didn't wotk !!!! It tells me that RFID Status is OK ... but when i go for read or write ... it tells me NO TAG FOUND ... it's been 2 days that it bugs me ... i really dont understand ... please help !!!!