Need to write a program for MC2100 under Windows CE 6

Hi for all!

I recently purchased an MC2180 barcode data reader running Windows CE 6.0.

I try to write a program (essentially is a form) with a button for triggering the laser and a listbox where the readed barcodes are appearing.

I would like to write the program in C# for VS2010. My problem is that  I cannot find the dll-s for MC2100 which I should attach to my solution. I had a similar project with a Datalogic Memor handheld computer for which I received an SDK and the needed dll-s written to a CD.

So essentially my question is: how can I insert a triggering button to my form in such a way that the button let trigger the scanner's laser?

I have found this page

where I downloaded the SDK for Windows, but this is not an SDK for Win CE, but for a desktop computer.

So momentarily I cannot find any point to start my project from.

I am waiting for responses.