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    How to remove duplicate lines from CE7 Netlog

    Christopher Sather

      If you have captured a netlog from a CE7 device, you have noticed duplicate trace entries for every packet.  Use the Wireshark export feature and the editcap.exe command line tool to remove them.


      1. Open the original capure file in Wireshark (i.e. netlog0.cap)
      2. Export all the packets to a new capture file (netlog0_exp.cap)
      3. In the \Program Files\Wireshark\ folder, there is a command line utility called editcap.exe
        1. editcap -n netlog0_exp.cap netlog0_nodupes.cap
      4. Open the netlog0_nodupes.cap file in wireshark and all the duplicate lines are gone.
        Raw netlog file with 4 lines duplicatedSame netlog with duplicates removed