Multiple DataWedge profiles for browser

Here is the scenario:


In house web app that requires that a character be prefixed to scanned data so that it can detect when data is scanned and react accordingly.  This is currently being handled by modifying Profile0 in Datawedge.  Now we want to add another 3rd party web app that cannot handle the prefixed character that is currently being applied via DataWedge.


Here are the options we've come up with so far:


1. Use Enterprise Browser and control scanning configuration from within your web app and don't rely on DataWedge. Probably a non-started as we have no control over 3rd party web app.

2. Create multiple DataWedge profiles and use the DataWedge API to change the active profile from within an application that calls the required web page.


Any other ideas?


Is there a better way to detect scanned vs keyed data in a web app?