Conflict when Multiple APK's using the EMDK

I have developed multiple applications that utilize the EMDK for various features.   Running the applications standalone works fine.  If I start one application, then launch a second EMDK enabled application, the first application fails when using the EMDK features.


Typical error response from EMDK is


Extended Status message is : One or more names of parameters not found in extraData.


Status String is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><wap-provisioningdoc><characteristic type="status"><parm name="code" value="1"/><parm name="description" value="Failure"/><characteristic type="extended_status"><parm name="code" value="12"/><parm name="description" value=" Exception occurred while performing requested operation. Exception : Caught exception : null"/></characteristic></characteristic></wap-provisioningdoc>


It is almost as if the EMDK Service is loading one Asset Profile at a time, or getting confused as to which profile to use.


Is the EMDK single use?


Is there someway to flush out the EMDK Service to allow the application in the foreground to have it's profile loaded?