Provide a sample application to read rfid tagId and display

Hi Good morning,


I am brand new to this RFID development.  Below is my requirement..


I am using VS2008 and I am dealing with C# , window mobile application.


I have one text box and one label on my screen. When I scan a tag in a text box, I just want to read that tag and display it in lable for that tag value, nothing more. Just read tag is enough.


We are using mc319z RFID device for our testing.


I just tried with sample application and its not working..I knew that is not correct code


private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


            string hostname = "localhost" ;

            rfIDReader = new RFIDReader(hostname, 0, 0);


            m_IsConnected = true;


            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyInventoryStartEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyInventoryStopEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyAccessStartEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyAccessStopEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyAntennaEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyBufferFullEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyBufferFullWarningEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyReaderExceptionEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.NotifyReaderDisconnectEvent = true;

            rfIDReader.Events.StatusNotify += new Events.StatusNotifyHandler(Events_StatusNotify);

            rfIDReader.Events.ReadNotify += new Events.ReadNotifyHandler(Events_ReadNotify);

            lblText.Text = ReadTag(txtRead.Text, 0, 12, 0);





   public string ReadTag(string tagId, MEMORY_BANK mb, Int32 length, Int32 offset)


            string memoryBankData;


            TagAccess.ReadAccessParams readParams = new TagAccess.ReadAccessParams();

            readParams.AccessPassword = 0;

            readParams.ByteCount = (uint)length;

            readParams.MemoryBank = mb;

            readParams.ByteOffset = (uint)offset;

            TagData tagData = rfIDReader.Actions.TagAccess.ReadWait(tagId, readParams, null);

            memoryBankData = tagData.TagID;// MemoryBankData;

            return memoryBankData;




I am getting error at  rfIDReader.Actions.TagAccess.ReadWait.. i am unable to debug it from code..Becasue I am unable run this applciation through my visual studio emulator, hence I am buildind a cab file and installing it in rfiddevice.


Any help is really appreciated.. I am spending much time on this...