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    Installing/Configuring a ZD500

    Aditya Garg

      Its not that I haven't done this before, but every now and then when I connect my ZD500 to my Windows machine and try to use the Zebra Setup Utilities, I don't see an installed printer. Now thats an inconvenience but I don't mind reinstalling another instance. It gets too bad here because most of the time my installation doesn't work either. For example right now, I have been trying to Install ZD500 203dpi zpl. I start the utilities and go all the way till it asks me to plug the printer into the PC. I do that and nothing happens. It should "automatically install" the printer but it doesn't. I even try to manually install it, selecting the correct printer (I tried both zpl and epl option out of desperation even though I know the printer is zpl), and then 1 of the 4 USB port option it gives me (I tried each of the 4 ports, no luck).


      Every time I get a Cannot add language monitor error

      and my Zebra utilities show no printer.


      Can you please suggest what I am doing wrong? Why doesn't and installation done once persist and why is it failing when i try again now?


      I use Zebra setup utilities version v1.1.9.1158