Hybrid Mobile Application - Cordava JS - Phonegap -using Zebra iMZ320 device and Motorola symbol TC55

We are using Zebra iMZ320 device and Motorola symbol TC55 . we have developed Mobile app in Ionic with cordava (phonegap)


Client asked us to have print option in our mobile app but we are not finding any js plugin from zebra implement that functionality


Please provide us the sample source code for printing in Phonegap mobile apps.

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Usha,Zebra does not

Hi Usha,

Zebra does not currently have a plugin for Cordova/PhoneGap at the moment.  We are looking into it, but I don't have a timeline.  The developers who have been using Cordova and Zebra printers have actually taken our native SDKs and wrapped them in Cordova Plugins themselves. 


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