MC67 NA Camera Resolutions. Windows Mobile 6 Firmware 04.56.0013

In the EMDK V2.9 there is a sample app called VB_imager2Sample1.  This works fine when executed on a MC67 NA.  My question is in  InitImager() there is a line of code which returns all valid resolutions for the Color Camera i.e. Dim resolutionAllowedValues() As Integer = myImaging2.Config.DeviceCapability.Resolution.AllowedValues which returns only 2 Resolutions "R_800x600" and "R_1600x1200".  If you load the camera in Windows Mobile more Resolutions are available and I also wrote a DirectShow Camera app which also opened up all the resolutions.     Is there anything restricting Config.DeviceCapability.Resolution.AllowedValues  from allowing all available resolutions?