TC70 Install Failed/ No Access to Fastboot

I have an issue where the GA1 to GA2 install failed and left the device in a limbo state. On boot it informs me that encryption failed and must reboot and loops to this screen infinitely. I can boot in to recovery however when I attempt to re-run it fails again. Assuming the file could have been corrupted I attempt to adb push however it returns No such file or directory for storage/sdcard0 or storage/sdcard1. I then attempt to run adb shell which returns exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory. Again no luck I then attempted to open the full upgrade zip and pull the recovery.img this leads to a issue with bootload being locked. Is it possible to unlock the bootloader or use fastboot on the TC70?




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Hello Robert, Sorry for the

Hello Robert, Sorry for the delayed response. It is possible to use fastboot, but I don't think the fastboot images are made public. Please contact the Zebra support if you are still having this issue. They should be able to walk you trough recovering your device.

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