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    MC92NO EB 1.4 BGSOUND Tag?

    Roelof deVries

      Does EB 1.4 support the HTML Tag "bgsound"?



      I'm testing EB 1.4 on an MC92NO running Android 4.4. I am connecting VPN then EB, connecting to SAP ITS Mobile, running custom transactions.


      EB Config.xml set to use DataWedge (v 3.1.20).  Scanning barcodes while EB running / connected to SAP works and does generate a decode tone/beep/sound for a good scan.


      SAP transaction error message screens are designed to use SAP's "NOTIFY_BELL_SIGNAL" approach and I can see that the "NOTIFY_BELL_SIGNAL" value is being sent as part of the screen.  Custom ITS Service is set with ~ITSMOBILEMSGSOUND = 1  but no sounds are generated when an error message screen is displayed.  FYI this is not the same as an invalid decode, it's when the user enters a value that the code then determines to be invalid.


      Some online research suggests that this approach is only valid on browsers that support the HTML Tag "bgsound" so that's the initial question.




      Found this Question which has some other good info.:

      TC70 Scan Decode Beep (EB 1.3/1.4)