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    RS507 ==> Imager Mode

    Nicolas Etienne



      I'm working with the Ring Scanner 507 (RS507). This RS is connected to my device using bluetooth.


      Based on the Simple serial interface programmer's guide (SSI : ref 72E-40451-03 Revision A from May 2015), I'm able to switch to Image mode the RS.


      I'm also able to take a picture with this ring...


      But, because the default baudrate is 9600, it takes about 15 to 20 seconds to get the image on the handhel device with whom is associated (in bluetooth) the device.


      My question is pretty much simple ==> How can I change the Baudrate.


      I know I can send command to change settings


      The PARAM_SEND command is for that, BUT there is no information concerning how to change the baudrate (code, etc...)


      So, HOW can I achieve this ?


      I'm sure there might be one guy, one girl over there working for Zebra on the RS who is able to provide the correct answer...

      Don't be shy, do it


      Thanks, Nicolas