Urgent - TC55 abrupt reboot



We have an urgent request regarding a problem we are facing on a TC55 device.


We have developped a JAVA Native application and now that it is running in production (with more than 500 TC55 running target !), we have a abrupt reboot of the TC55 with no log at all on our side (just reboot). (all ou TRY/CATCH are present but we see nothing)


What we have identified is the following :


Upon the occurrence of these problems we used MLogManager utility.
Logs folder \ AbnormalResets clearly illustrate the various reboot.
We found in the kernel_log_YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM.txt file traces that challenge us and for which we would like to have your analysis:
"Logs \ vbatdet_low_irq_handler: batt voltage fell below summarizes load enabled.

What is the signification of this message?

Is it related to a charge terminal problem?

Can it cause a reboot of the terminal?
Might it be linked to a calibration problem ?


Thanks for your quick support