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    SDK for MC3090, MC3190 and MC9090 Handheld devices



      I am trying to compile the scanner code in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and install on MC3090, MC3190 and MC9090 Handheld devices.

      However I require SDK - software development tool to compile the code.

      Can you please let me know where I can get the SDKs for these devices ?




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          Daniel Silva

          The other post that you already marked as helpful has a link to the EMDK for .Net.  That would be what you need for SDKs.

          Re: Software development kit for MC3200G Handheld


          If you are running CE, the older devices (MC9090 and MC3090 ) do not have Compact Framework built in.  You will need to deploy that with your app.  If you have trouble fitting CF3.5 on the device,  you might want to try 2.0.   It's quite a bit smaller.  After you install the EMDK on your PC,  you can look into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola EMDK for .NET\v2.9\Windows CE\MassDeployment  folder on your PC to see how to deploy the symbol cab and the CF cab so they will be cold boot persistent on a CE device.


          If you are running Windows Mobile 5.0 or above (not CE),  you don't need to worry about cold boot persistence.  You just install the cab file(s) once and they will persist through a cold boot. Windows Mobile also came with some version of Compact Framework built in. 


          You can find the version of Compact Framework installed on a device by going to the \windows folder and running cgacutil.exe.  You might need to set the options in file explorer to not hide operating system files so that that cgacutil.exe shows up in file explorer.