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    MC1000 Windows CE 5.0 Platform SDK

    Aymen Ayari



      We are using Kalipso (app generator) to develop an application for a customer's MC1000.


      Kalipso support asked us to provide them with the platform SDK for MC1000 Windows CE 5.0 core devices. I wasn't able to find it on the support portal, but I did find these release notes : https://atgsupportcentral.motorolasolutions.com/content/emb/docs/ReleaseNotes/Release%20Notes%20-%20PSDK%20v3_0%20for%20MC1000%20CE5_0.htm


      Is there a possibility for us to obtain the SDK mentioned in the release notes ?


      Also, the MC1000 in question is running Windows CE 4.2 Core for now. Will we be able to upgrade it (and how) to Windows CE 5.0 Core ?


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Ian Hatton



          The MC1000 Platform SDK was removed from Support Central as the device has been discontinued for some time. The OS upgrade from CE 4.2 to 5.0 requires an upgrade licence to be copied to the device so it may be difficult to obtain this now (also due to the  MC1000 being discontinued) . Did you try contacting our Helpdesk in Brno to see if they can help with either request?


          Best Regards,

          Ian Hatton

          Zebra EMEA


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