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    Controlling where MapView renders the map

    Rob Roberts



      I'm using MapView.create in an app to show Google maps centered on a pre-set location. I used the example from GeoLocation/controller.rb in the Rhodes system API samples app. It's working fine, except there is no flexibility in where the map appears. A new window opens with the map taking up the entire screen, except for a black bar at the bottom with a "Close" link in it. How can I get the map to show in a page that I have control over? (I.E. - a page where I can control where the map appears instead of taking up the entire page, can put my own links in, etc.)


      Also, a related question: The Google Maps SDK for iOS docs say that if you use the SDK in your app, you must include the attribution text in your app, and that you can get the required attribution text by making a call to [GMSServices openSourceLicenseInfo]. Has anyone gotten this to work?


      Thanks in advance,

      Rob Roberts